Raquel Davies


Raquel Davies


Raquel Davies was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. At birth her godmother proclaimed, “This girl will be an actress!” So her mother named her “Raquel” after the beautiful actress Raquel Welch.

At the age of ten, Raquel became interested in the arts and enrolled into improv classes at the local Musical Theatre Centre. She fell in love with acting and continued to train, hone her craft, and perform in regional theatre.

She earned a B.A. in Public Relations from Barry University in Miami Shores, FL. After working as a communications professional for a couple of years, Raquel switched gears and returned to her true passion of acting.

She has performed in the DC Black Theater Festival, a number of indie projects, and many stage productions. In 2015 she co-created an edgy femme-fatale web-series entitled Bandittes which can be viewed on Youtube. Raquel hopes to one day work on meaningful projects that impact the world in a positive way.